Thursday, August 20, 2009

Five Dollar Firday

Here's a contest that I've found, I know its a bit late but hey we still got two Fridays of August left. This Five Dollar Friday is a contest from tututina. So if you still want to win blog about this now!

Here are the details of the contest.

How to Enter
Anyone can enter the contest. But you must follow our giveaway guidelines in order to qualify:
1. Blog about our Five Dollar Fridays Giveaway
2. Select from our buttons (small or large) or our animated banner and post it on your blog/webpage
3. Leave me a comment telling me you've blogged about my giveaway. You MUST include in your comment your blog/webpage URL and your paypal email (sign up for your free personal paypal account if you don't have one!) so we can verify you've blogged about the giveaway and we can give you the prize if you are the winner.
**You only need to blog once and keep our buttons/banners up for the duration of the August long contest and you will automatically be entered in all of our Five Dollar Friday Draws. Click here for more details.


pehpot said...

of course you can.. it's not excusive naman ata for mommy bloggers hehe

Make or Break

Joedie said...

thks for dropping by :)

pedroKomentaryo said...

Nice blog , and for that I would like to invite you to check mine too. , more power. now give me your opinion if you have one, lets try it.

pehpot said...

ey ano po palang blog ang sali nyo sa contest namin? I will be posting a list kase :)

Anonymous said...

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